make me furniture - sustainability

Our long term goal is

to trade produce timber based products which are independently certified as originating from sustainably, managed forests to manage and control our environmental risk in a sustainable manner by complying with all relevant legislation and adopting where appropriate best practice.

Our short term goal is

to actively promote the sale of timber products which have been certified as coming from sustainably managed forests, over uncertified sources and to bring the issues and environmental concerns surrounding the supply of timbers from uncertified sources to our customers attention.

Whilst providing products that are manufactured from certified hardwood is easy to say, it is much more complicated to deliver - at present, the chain of certification from forest to customer is easily broken; once the tree has been felled, prepared and transported it can be almost impossible to ascertain its origins.

We will not knowingly use endangered timbers or timbers from locations that are classed as in a state of conflict - we continually liaise with our suppliers to ensure as far as is possible that our timber is from sustainably managed sources.

We are continually working to further develop ways of guaranteeing the suitability of timbers and as more information or a clear and effective chain of certification becomes available we will update our policy.